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Has Rolf Harris Been Arrested?

rolf harris and extra leg
Update:  Six months after writing this little blog piece the arrest of Rolf Harris is now in the mainstream media!

No wonder the traditional press is gradually fading away.

If you want some pontificating bitter old journalist then spend good money on a newspaper.  If you want some news... or tittle-tattle... the internet is a cheaper quicker bet.

The answer is - yes, Rolf Harris was arrested.  Nothing to do with little girls.  And he has not been charged with anything.

If you really want to read what I thought about this several months ago then the original article follows...

Rolf Harris Arrested

Given the hysteria surrounding the poor, er rich, Tory grandee who wasn't even named I'm not sure how safe it is to mention this.

Apparently, and it is only a rumour, Rolf Harris has been arrested to do with the "others" part of the Savile investigation.

I hope it isn't true.  I have no feeling for the few others previously arrested - but Rolf is practically royalty.  The art, the songs, the general fun of the man - a very natural and thoroughly normal kind of guy.

Let's hope the BBC mention it and he gets a few hundred thousand pounds out of it.  More deserving than you know who, in my opinion.

I really like the bumbling humour of Rolf and his not too serious take on stuff.  The Stairway to Heaven on a wobble board, the "can you tell what it is yet" art.

The 'official' rumour is eighty year old man interviewed.  Maybe it's just Twitter putting two and two together again.

I hope so.

I would much rather see the police stalking the corridors of Parliament and picking up a few people from there.  In fact, spotting someone honest would be a challenge.

Good luck Rolf - let's hope it's a three hour nonsense on Twitter before we find out that it was actually....


Rolf's name was released on Twitter by Mark Williams-Thomas, an ex detective who has a reliable history... so far... of telling us what the police should be keeping quiet until they have all the facts.  The Mirror is running the story, without names, on it's website.  Man is in his eighties, arrested or rather interviewed under caution, home searched.

It doesn't prove anything and it doesn't mention his name. Lots of people help police with their enquiries - Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson.  And Savile (blessed by the Pope, knighted by the Queen) helped them with their fundraising and hobbies in the Friday Morning Club.

Maybe, every time it is revealed that the police covered up sexual abuse such as in the case of Cyril Smith - they will arrest a celebrity just to make it look like they have half a clue.  Look everyone - we are doing our job - honest.

Police Interview In Full

rolf harris and kangaroo
A didgeridoo, eh?  So where do the batteries go?
It doesn't have any.

Is tie me kangeroo down some sort of code?

What were the ladies in the court of King Caractacus doing?
Just passing by.

Jake the Peg, diddle-diddle-diddle-dum.  The truth is that the extra leg was an unfeasibly large penis?
No. It was a comedy leg.

Have you ever heard of Jimmy Savile?
Yes.  Every one has heard of him.

Fair point sir, you're free to go.   Could you just sign this first?  It's for my wife - a big fan of yours.

rolf harris arrested

March 2013 Update

Internet chatter, the most reliable evidence there is, points to Rolf being re-arrested.

That does normally indicate the police have something to ask further questions about.

I still don't buy Rolf doing anything particularly bad.  Maybe some women have complained, and maybe he was a bit free with his hands back in the seventies.  Apparently nearly everyone was in those days.  Not saying that is right, or even what he may have done - but it isn't in the Savile league.

I don't, yet, believe Rolf had anything to do with kids like the Savile monster.

I didn't like Savile and he was a pervert. I liked Rolf Harris, still do and I really hope there is nothing in this.

One thing the Savile case should have taught us - the chatty types - is to hold back on making assumptions.  So far, a lot of fairly innocent people have been dragged through the dirt.  I say "fairly innocent" - I mean innocent.  That's how our justice system still works.  Doesn't apply to the press or the internet of course.

Brief Facts Around the Police Investigation

For those of you coming fresh to this scandal - I have researched and written quite a lot on it.

What was interesting to me was how the UK police, politicians and possibly the Royal Family knew all about Savile and his activities.

Once the news broke - and it was none of them who revealed the truth - they have raced to catch up.  The politicians, police and possibly MI5 have also used this case to employ dirty tricks against people they wanted to settle scores with.

There is NO honour in our justice system or politics.  A number of other cases are ongoing to do with high ranking politicians who have indulged their filthy habits but the UK Press is playing a smoke and mirrors game to confuse the issue.

"Look - Rolf Harris arrested".

Meanwhile in the corridors of Parliament and the employ of the police force are people who should be facing long prison sentences.

As for Rolf.  I hope he is just another innocent pawn they are playing with to keep the public occupied.  This game of presenting a victim to assuage the appetite for "justice" has never seemed so obvious.

Can you see what it is yet?

Latest Facts on the Case (Funny)


  1. Rolf lives in buckinghamshire

  2. ....not Berkshire.

  3. Wrong, he's lives in Bray, Berkshire. Although that info seems to be missing from his wiki page which was edited yesterday and again today 30 November 2012 at 11:04

  4. Please note that Mark Williams Thomas started the rumour and when I tweeted him asking he ‘as a criminologist and former police officer, do you not feel that saying this and not stating ‘no arrest’ is a error?’ and then pointed out he was the ONLY person naming Rolf and is being cited by various websites, he deleted my tweets from his page. In fact anyone who openly disagrees with the way he presented his tweet has their comment deleted. I read others before they too, had the tweets vanish from his page. I have also contacted the British register of Criminologists to check on his registration and to advise them that he has broken the code of ethics. I am awaiting a reply from them. He has been extremely unprofessional and has potentially ruined a man’s life without presenting us proof of where his information has come from, and sadly a lot of people are running with it.

    1. Thank you. I hope he is wrong in what he says, and I also believe he is wrong in saying it. Where does he get his information from - the same old police grapevine I guess.

      As for Rolf. I believe he has a large amount of support in this country and the public won't buy it without concrete evidence. As I say in my post above, I hope this is an unfounded rumour.

      Am I wrong to even report it?

      Well, that's a more difficult question and to be honest with you - I don't have an answer for that.

  5. what's he been didgeridooing then???

  6. The BBC is fighting a rearguard action to defend its pro gay agenda, my couisn who works there has said they were all threatened to stay silent, and toonly name girls that were absed, the fact that most of the young girls had their bottoms done is by nature "gay sex"
    the next name apparently is peter Wyngarde who hada little band of rent boys.

  7. The Aussie papers do (or did, as they've seemingly pulled the articles) call him an 82 year-old Australian ex-children's presenter/entertainer from Berkshire. There is only one person answering to that description in all of UK, unless you think Her Dameship is a children's entertainer? Not sure of her age, or if she still lives in the UK.

    Is Wyngarde still alive? Met him late 50's-60's or so, he was a bit 'wired', but bearing in mind he spent the war in a Jap camp, the only entertainment being the beheadings he was forced to watch before breakfast (and, not too openly admitted, being buggered by the guards) it's only to be expected. He did come across as being gay, but he might have just been used to it, unable to get worked-up about girls. Otherwise a nice man.

    Child abuse was rife in everyday life, on the streets, but not obvious if in showbiz, I never heard of it anyway. I suspect it arrived with the TV pop shows in the 60's.

    Yes, they should go after all abusers, irrespective of race or rank, but why not go for the ones STILL abusing our kids, FIRST? For they are the dangerous ones.

  8. Rumor has that Mike Carlton,columnist and talk back host is embroiled in this crime too,